Leaf Springs



Today’s suspensions are expected to incorporate smooth ride, lasting service and be light weight all while being competitively priced. Standen’s Original Equipment and replacement leaf springs and suspension parts exceed these expectations.


Today, Standen’s leads the industry in utilizing 3D Modeling, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), X-Ray Diffraction, Computer Controlled Heat-Treating, and other high-tech tools and processes to ensure the highest quality for our customers.


Continuous improvement is the heart of Standen’s culture. The Standen’s Team works hard every day to improve our products and processes and to find solutions and improvements in advance of our customers’ needs.


Open to new and innovative ideas, we participate in a global technical network related to spring design and manufacturing. Standen’s information sources include membership in the Spring Research Institute and other associations, exchanges of technology and special agreements with other high-tech manufacturers, and on-going close communications with our customers
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